pacific tycoon critic review scam

These Pacific Tycoon Critic Reviews Are a Scam

Being the inquisitive investor that I am, I always conduct hours of research when considering any investment offer. When I was approached by a company called Pacific Tycoon, and introduced to their container leasing investment program, I began my hunt for as much information as I could find about the company.

Low and behold, what do I find? Equal parts positive investor reviews and people wondering if Pacific Tycoon is a scam or not. The scales appear balanced. So, the next question I ask myself is, how do the intentions of the company’s biggest critics – Tom Winnifrith and Suzanne Day – measure up to their review?

According to this article from Pacific Tycoon, Tom Winnifrith has been absent from the markets, after losing millions of investor dollars. The only presence he maintains is his quasi-related industry blog, which to me seemed far more preoccupied with getting me to sign up to his newsletter and buy his products, than provide me with sound, credible, well-researched investing advice.

Given the fact that Tom Winnifrith was at one time “in-the-know” when it came to investing, I considered that what he has to say about Pacific Tycoon could have some value. That was until I read in one of his follow-up articles: “I am not saying that Pacific Tycoon is a scam …” Are you confused too?

With all of his conflicting information and shady past, I find myself more inclined to believe that Tom Winnifrith’s Pacific Tycoon review was a scam all along.

The next strongest advocate against Pacific Tycoon that I could find was Suzanne Day; a Hubpages author who describes herself as “a creative artist in all aspects of [my] life, and love innovating, designing and crafting. In my working career, I’ve been a blogger, social media manager, graphic/web designer, communications manager and internationally published poet. My hobbies are … lapidary (gemstone polishing and faceting), reading, writing, crochet, beading, home decorating, jewellery making and upcycling.”

As thoroughly as I searched through her online profiles, I did not see a single mention of any investing experience, whatsoever. Nothing. In fact, here are some of here latest posts:

  • Upcycling Project: How To Make A Hand Sewn Zippered Bra Bag Out Of An Old Pillowcase
  • The REAL Permanent Cure For Herpes – What Works And What Doesn’t
  • Peruvian Guinea Pig Care – Caring For A Long Haired Guinea Pig

If I could be allowed to venture an educated guess, I would say that Suzanne Day – acting as “a blogger” or communications manager – was paid to author a lengthy, negative post about Pacific Tycoon. By whom? I cannot be certain. That would take some sleuthing, and I am no Jessica Fletcher.

Suzanne Day has no investing experience of her own with Pacific Tycoon and cites no first-hand investor sources in her article about the company. Therefore, in my opinion, Suzanne Day’s Pacific Tycoon review is a scam too. All things considered, I would be an idiot to take investment advice from this woman.

So, with the reviews of two of Pacific Tycoon’s biggest critics discounted, what am I left with? Nothing but positive opinion … and this quote:

When critics sit in judgement, it is hard to tell where justice leaves off, and vengeance begins. – Chuck Jones